NorikoH offers an omakase menu consisting of approximately fifteen pieces of nigiri sushi. Our fish and shellfish are globally sourced, emphasizing Japanese favorites.

While we can accommodate most dietary restrictions, please be aware that we cannot accommodate vegetarian, rice, and non-raw requests due to the nature of omakase and nigiri sushi.

Please note that omakase is a unique dining experience where the chef determines the entirety of the meal. Patrons will not be permitted to make any à la carte orders for the meal duration. If you want to order more after the meal, you will be charged by the market price of that day.

Omakase Details

Our omakase is served by the chef, directly to our patrons, at the sushi counter.

Served Tuesday through Saturday, we offer two rounds nightly.


The sushi counter has eight available seats during each round.
Reservations are accepted for parties of up to four.

If the round you wish to reserve has a preexisting reservation,
you will only be able to reserve the remaining seats.

We highly recommend that our guests book their reservations online.
We are currently accepting bookings up to 7 days in advance.
A deposit is required for all omakase reservations.

Cancellations made between 24 to 48 hours of the reservation
will receive a 50% REFUND on the price of the omakase.

CANCELLATIONS made within 24 hours of the reservation will NOT receive a refund

Due to the time constraints of each round, patrons who are 15 minutes or more late will be considered a no show.
Refunds will not be offered to late or absent guests.

Our Omakase